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Why Us?


Back in 1996 our company was formed with a very simple idea in mind: that each and every business is unique. Too many events management companies seemed to believe that the same formula would work for every business, and we like to work differently.


Why us? Here at Bien Venue, our aim is not to continually and aggressively expand our client base, but rather provide the highest possible quality of service to a select number of clients. We pride ourselves on our service, based on the personal touch. This allows our team to get to know your aims so well that they could recite them in their sleep.


While some event management companies aspire to client satisfaction, we aim to go above and beyond client expectations with each and every project we take on. When a Bien Venue expert is assigned to you, you can be sure they will work together with you every step of the way. From initial ideas to project completion and even afterwards to cost assessment and attendee follow-up. Our portfolio includes training providers, association conference organisers, and the media – to name just a few. And the reason they keep coming back to us? Quite simply, we provide a quality of service that is exceptional.


Bien Venue wouldn’t be what it is today without our wonderful team of highly motivated experts, dedicated to the Meetings and Events Industry. We recruit individuals whose creative approach shines through. As does their passion and commitment to getting things done, while always placing the client at the centre of everything they do.

We not only choose the best people for the job, but we continually invest in those people. We ensure our staff are given the development opportunities they need to rise to the top of their profession. Our team is regularly taken on educational trips worldwide, giving them first-hand knowledge of many of the venues and activities they suggest. We do all of this to give our staff the best experience, knowledge and skills to take the hassle and stress out of event planning, leaving your event safe in our hands. Our team is your team.


Any and all statistics regarding your events are readily and always available, thanks to our detailed management information. Our data gives complete visibility of collective spend, including the total amount spent on accommodation and meetings. This includes production, AV, food and beverage, syndicate room space and breakdown of delegate spend. Not only this, we” include a detailed and itemised breakdown of spending by venue, location, cost, and duration of stay. Total savings made by negotiated cancellation and non-arrival can also be included. If it’s information on your event you need, just ask, and we’ll provide.


Using our centralised billing system can save hundreds of hours of your own business time and result in real cash flow benefits. This allows for the processing and payment of supplier invoices, and production of monthly or weekly invoices or statements. Whether it’s for events, meetings, team building or corporate entertainment, centralised billing can be the ideal way to manage budgets.


Because our team is your team, providing the highest possible quality of services to each of our clients.

Our team is your team


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