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Incentive Events: The Benefits

Employee incentive events are commonly used within many industries and organisations across the UK, though some employers remain sceptical about offering them to their employees.

Event incentives and awards can be a big decision for many businesses and can at times be costly and troublesome to plan, especially for big volume teams. They need to be planned thoroughly so that they are executed properly, whilst achieving the ultimate goal of happy employees. 

After decades of experience, we at Bien Venue can confirm that regardless of the business’ industry, incentives in the form of away days, incentive trips and a thank you gesture, celebration or an award event for you team – are all effective ways to boost morale among your employees, along with the many additional benefits they can incite. 

The essential asset to any company is its people and ensuring that all your employees are happy in the workplace can do wonders for you. If your workplace lacks engagement, productivity, and holds a low employee retention rate, or you are simply looking for unique ways to engage and thank your employees, then continue reading to find out just how powerful and vital social incentives and awards can be for your business.

What are Incentive Events?

A company’s incentive program is intended to attract, motivate, and retain employees. Incentives and awards can be interchangeable as they both can encourage positive behaviours in the workplace. They are vital for any business because we as humans are very complex creatures, but there are two universal beliefs of what makes us work hard in our jobs: motivation and being appreciated.

Businesses can use incentives to drive growth and motivate their employees to work hard. Demonstrating how valued employees are and acknowledging their hard work will leave them with a sense of achievement every time they accomplish a task.

Social incentives are a great way to motivate your team, whilst improving their communication and building relationships – and what a better way to achieve this than encouraging them to take part in something fun.

But let us explore further the benefits of social incentives and why we think businesses should be utilising them.

Incentives Can Increase Productivity

Productivity is one of the key factors in a successful and driven business, but we must think back to what drives our employees to be productive in the first place.

Acknowledgement, appreciation, and rewards can all strive towards a more productive workforce. Incentives offer employees something to work towards as they know they will be rewarded at the end. Keeping your employees happy by organising a fun and exciting incentive that they can all take part in, will most definitely keep them productive in their everyday work, as they will begin to feel a sense of appreciation for your business and know that their work is being acknowledged. All this will result in work well done and positive behaviour in your workplace.

Incentives Can Build a Strong Team Culture

In the many years we have worked with clients on their incentive programs, social incentives that include the whole team are among the most favoured ones. They can help encourage your employees to bond as a team and help strengthen and improve regular working relationships between employees and departments.

When employees take part in social team incentives, they establish a sense of camaraderie when working together to better your business. Having a unified workforce is a benefit that makes work more efficient and pleasant for everyone, whilst also creating a strong team culture for when they come back in the office after taking part in a fun and engaging incentive.

Incentives Can Reduce Staff Turnover

Employees often feel under-compensated and unappreciated, which is why they may start to look for employment opportunities elsewhere. Decreased employee turnover is another reason why incentives are great for any business, as high turnover can reflect poorly on your company.

By rewarding your employees, you will keep them happy and appreciative of the job they are in and ultimately improve your employee retention.

How Bien Venue Can Help

If you like the sound of workplace incentives, we can help you get the best out of your employees by arranging incentive activities for you and your employees.

Bien Venue offer individually bespoke packages that will best suit your business and your team’s dynamics.

We can cater for all the other additional needs you may have, such as arranging accommodation and transportation.

Event Management? The Bien Venue team can be there on the day of your planned activity as an extra helping hand with anything you need, ensuring the day goes according to plan.

Examples of Incentive planned and proposed by Bien Venue

Did you find this blog informative? If you would like to plan an incentive activity for your employees, then contact us via our email info@bvevents.co.uk or telephone 01625 877 776 and speak to one of our experts to organise your company’s next social incentive.  

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